Safari 1.2

Well this is what I get for not setting my updater to check daily.  Looks like Apple released Safari 1.2 on Monday, and the improvements seem to make Safari finally one of the “big boys” who’s bugs and disappointments are now limited to minor quirks that any browser has.  Apple’s developers have apparently been paying very close attention to bugs that have been reported (available in Safari through the Apple menu).  Here are the changes:

Version 1.2 offers improved compatibility with Web sites and Web applications, support for personal certificate authentication, and works with Java 1.4.2 to enable Web sites that rely on LiveConnect for communication between JavaScript and Java applets. The update also provides improved application stability, full keyboard access for navigating Web pages, and the ability to resume interrupted downloads.

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Yeah, I downloaded that either yesterday or Monday.  But the only time I’ve fired it up was to check the “Aqua buttons” thing, so the new version really didn’t even register with me.

I may have to give it a bit more attention, but I really do just love my Firebird—especially with its nifty Extensions.  (BTW, it looks like there are extensions for regular Mozilla, too, Derek…)

So there are—-not bad.  I do like Firebird, but it’s still slow on this poopy G3.  I’ll still have Moz 1.6 on my G5 for sure though, as it’s IRC client is greatly improved over the one packaged with Firebird.  Unless it’s made it’s way into the nightly builds…

I’ve been scouring for a way to shut the Aqua buttons off in Safari, too, but I’ve had no luck.

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