Schedules and Sleep

A few months back, I started a new job.  It’s another customer support spot for a software company, but we’ll not go into specifics since… well… it’s better that way.  Anyway, after the initial training, I was put on a 6pm to 3am shift.  While nice in that I got to avoid the evil rush hour traffic (or would that be “traffics” if there are two rush hours?), it was definitely a strange schedule to work.  Being an unusual and overnight shift like that, I just never really felt like I had much time to do stuff during “weekdays” when I wasn’t working.  I usually wouldn’t be super-tired when I got home, so I’d stay up for a bit, but then when it came time to wake up after I did go to sleep, it was a real chore to drag myself out of bed.  So, it would feel like I only had a few “useful” hours to do stuff between leaving work and going back again.

This past week, I switched departments at work.  More power, more responsibility… and a new schedule.  I’m now working 8pm to 7am shifts, which is even weirder.  I still get to miss traffic, but now they’re 10 hour days and it’s dark essentially the entire time I’m at work.  I will be getting 3 days off a week instead of two, which should be nice, though.  Anyway, this whole “work at night and sleep during the day” thing is just really odd.  I’ve always been a bit of a night owl, which is a good thing, but not to the extent that this new schedule’s going to require.

I suppose I’ll get used to the new schedule.  Eventually.  Maybe finally getting some curtains/drapes/whatever for my bedroom window would help things so it’s darker when I need to be sleeping during the day…  Anyway, I think I’m just rambling after getting off my work shift now. *grin*


Combolations, Elizagurth!  Strange shift indeed, but working 4 tens will hopefully allow for a bit more normalcy, and it does indeed sound like a promotion.

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