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Bit of an announcement post.  First, the weblog’s been updated (finally) to pMachine version 2.3.  The most noticeable change you’ll see is that the site now uses “search engine-friendly :URL:s”.  Basically, instead of seeing something like “comments.php?id=P464_0_1_0” in the URL, you’ll now see “comments/P464_0_1_0/”.  A bit cleaner and also easier for search engines to crawl.  If you notice any problems with this (for instance you find a link that no longer works), please let me know.  v2.3 also adds support for Trackback and Pingback.

Beyond the upgrade to v2.3, I also revamped the “smilies” palette that’s available when you’re commenting on entries.  It works a bit different now in that it doesn’t insert the image code directly.  It also allows for things besides smilies.  You can see that there are several acronyms available in addition to the smilies—when you use one of them it will replace it with the actual :HTML: acronym tag (just like “HTML” just did).  Let me know if you want more acronyms added since I can do so pretty easily.

Anyway, enjoy.

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Congratz! wink


I’ll never use this feature unless you change that.  There are several perfectly acceptable acronym expansions from IE, and you’re using Internet Explorer?

Fine, you win.  It’s all better now.  FYI for anyone who cares at all, here are all the current acronyms:

:CSS:  :HTML:  :XHTML:  :RIAA:  :NSFW:  :IE:  :W3C:  :DVD:  :ISP:  :URL:  :URI:  :EFF:  raspberryHP:  :RSS:  :CMS:  :AOL:  :FAQ:  :WYSIWYG:  raspberry2P:  raspberryDF:  :pM:  :MT:  :CGI:  :API:

Obviously, there are more set up that in the palette.  It should be obvious how to use them since they’re set up the same way as the others.

Any others people want?

Thank you.

And for the record:

there are more set up that in the palette.

I thought you correct me?

Yeah, well, I’m sleep-deprived.  That’s my excuse, at least.  That, and I just don’t care.  Yaarrgghh!! :pirate:

And you’re a :square:. Heh.

So I’m a “square”, eh?  Well, then, sir, you must be a obloid.  That’s right, I said it; you’re an obloid.


And you had bloody well add those two acronyms.


BTW, should I take the complete lack of any other on-topic comments to mean that no one is having any problems with the new “SE-friendly :URL:s”?

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