Speaking of Beer

An excerpt from a conversation I just had over ICQ with a friend.  We’ll call him “José” even though his real name is “Pete”.  I just think Josť sounds cool.

Chris C: Bah.  I’ll drink nearly anything.  Except “Modelo Especial”.  That stuff, literally, tasted like ass.  The rest of the 6-pack sat, untouched, in the fridge for months until we finally tossed it.

José: hmmm… well.. I for one never actually *tasted ass*... so I’ll take your word for it

Chris C: Fine:

...tasted like the smell of ass—which is to say that it tasted like I imagine ‘Battlefield Earth’ would have tasted were it a beer and not a movie.

José: roflmao

Chris C: <grin>

Have I ever mentioned how utterly horrid Battlefield Earth was?  Well, I just have…

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I can tolerate most beers (except the hardcore ones like Guinness and the like).  As long as they’re cold!

I have to agree with StrongBad:

“A One that is not cold is scarcely a One at all.”

Guess I should have used PM code for that link.  Sorry dude! /smilies/furious.gif


except the hardcore ones like Guinness and the like

Hardcore Ones or no Ones at all!


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