Strange (but good) Brew

Each year there are a few seasonal beers that I have grown attached to that I find myself buying as much as possible as soon as they are released.  I’ve droned on (not here yet, wait till March) about Pyramid Brewing Co.‘s Tilted Kilt, but as it starts to get cold—and it’s 33° and snowing here today—I am drawn like a moth to a flame.

Unlike the moth that gets turned into a crispy critter, however, I open my Anderson Valley Brewing Company Winter Solstice ale.  It’s a nice caramely ale that’s been brewed with wintery spices: nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, etc.  Tasty goodness!  Hope you can find some locally, Chris.  If not, oddly one of the best seasonal ales this winter comes from Sam Adams, the Winter Lager.  Good news on this one, too—it’s cheap, so it works well to bring over to someone’s house for hanging out.

These two have one thing in common—increased malt during the brewing process, increasing the base gravity, which yields a more potent brew.  Both are a nice, rich taste, and 7% alcamahol.

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Oh dear… Derek’s been taken over by the Pod People!!

...increasing the base gravity, which yields a more potent brew

After all, we all know that only Pod People would talk like that.  Quick, Rochelle, run away!!

I like you Chris…I’ll kill you last!

Got some of the Sam Adams “Winder Brew” today.  Not too bad at all.

Winder brew?  Obviously, you’ve already tried a few. wink

Yeah.  Either that or I just don’t type particularly well.  ...take your pick!

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