That’s Chris in the back.

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You guys look exactly as I imagine you.

Uh oh. Another pMachine staffer succumbs to WoW. Are you playing on the same server as Les and Paul? I also have a character there, but haven’t played WoW in almost 2 weeks!!!

We’re on “Arthas”.  Derek (“Nafai”) is definitely a WoW vet all the way from back in the closed beta days.  I (“chrisgary”), on the other hand, am a rank newbie.  I’m learning (and asking Derek for more questions than he really probably wants to answer!) and it’s definitely fun, but just as I feared it’s so freaking addictive!

I Have been addcited to WoW for qutie a while now, and after a short summer lapse of not having the money for a card, i am at it again.

In fact, i just installed it on my laptop here in Barnes and Noble and I am about to play!

Little hint, don’t go to Barnes and Noble for internet access. On top of charging at all for internet access (the coffee is allready too expensive) they charge WAY too much for it. I am going to starbucks next time.

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