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One Morgan Spurlock spent 30 days making a documentary on the health of eating a McDonald’s diet.  He ate all three meals each day, and any snacks, only from McDonald’s.  Not only did he gain 25 pounds, but by the end of the month he was vomiting out the window of his car, his complexion had changed, and scarily, his liver started showing signs of toxicosis.

Granted, this was seven months ago, before they had “white meat McNuggets”, so I’m sure that’s all changed…

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Ugh, I amost wish the US woud ban fast foods, it would make all people healthier i think.

Then again, so many jobs would be lost, so man industries would loose money, big stocks would fall….. ugh

I sure as hell cant wait to move to Europe where fast food is for special occasions, not when Mom and Dad cant cook.

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Then again, again im guilty of eating a lot of fast food when im lazy :/

Well, honestly, the supermarkets aren’t much better.  I’m always amazed at the difference between my own shopping cart and those around me.  Dozens of frozen pizzas, hot pockets, frozen meals, chips, cookies, sodas, meal-in-a-box, etc.

The glut of the American diet is appalling from any angle.  But man, messing up your liver in 30 days?  That’s hardcore.

BTW how did he afford to do this? thats like over $300 a month (thats more than my entire food budget for the month…)

He’s a filmmaker.

now with a bad liver hehe

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