{SWAG}Nafai is on a Killing Spree!

I downloaded the Unreal Tournament 2004 demo yesterday.  It’s the first game of sorts I’ve honestly ever played on a “real” Mac.  I mean, I played Diablo II on my iMac, as well as a few games of Warcraft III (vomit), but I never had the processing or graphics power to play anything current.

I’m liking the ole’ double two Gigger with a Gig and a half of RAM, and a 64MB ATI Radeon 9600 pro combination I’ve got going on here.  It’s allowing me to run at my native 16:9 resolution of 1680 x 1050, with every widget and effect turned on that warns me that my performance may be hindered by enabling it.

It looks smooth, plays smooth, and is a nice version of UT.  It doesn’t feel different to me from playing the original UT, which in some ways is a good thing, and some bad.  This version (supposedly) has better muscle for network play.  It also has built in voice over IP as well as voice operated commands, neither of which I’ve tried yet.  I did try the new “Onslaught” game-type, and it looks to become my favorite.  I love things that force teams to actually work together, and this is the closest any game has come since my beloved Starseige: Tribes.  Man that was the best multiplayer game ever…

Anyway, it adds vehicles and turrets and such, so the game, to me, is a basic blend of Unreal Tournament, Tribes, and Halo.  Which is not a bad recipe for a cookie.  Yum!

I must agree with Gabe, however, and I’ve felt this way for a long time about multiplayer games.  Unless I’m playing with people I know on a private server, you won’t be seeing my moniker online.  The Bots are darned good, don’t camp, don’t whine, don’t talk in l33t speak, don’t patch cheats, etc.  Oddly, you didn’t have this problem in Tribes, even connecting to a random server.  The game mechanics simply force you to play like a team, or to lose shamefully.  And any person at any moment could be voted out.  And voting was used for many things in Tribes, not as an afterthought, so unlike recent games that have features similar to this, everyone in the game actually used it.

As a result, this is probably one game that I will get for my Mac instead of my XBOX.  That version is likely to not be as rich in the multiplayer-without-real-people mode, as consoles try to avoid heavy CPU hits by limiting AI.  Maybe not this time, since it’ll be, what, a fourth-generation title?  Either way, I don’t have 16:9 on my tv, so Mac it is.

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So does that mean you’re starting your own {SWAG} clan?

Hmm, I’m vaguely tempted to download the demo for my PB, but I really have no clue how well it would run, much less how well control on a laptop would be.  Worth finding out, I suppose.

How much video and system memory do you have on it?  I think it would run fine on a G4, and you’ve got a mouse and arrow keys, so you’re all set!

Chris… just download the Windows version. Your PC is more than capable to play.

And clan [SWAG].... I like the sound of that! smile

Maybe Chris wants to make sure that his game is completely mobile.  He likes fragging at Starbucks.  :laugh:


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