Time for Comments Again

I turned off commenting quite a while back due to the fact that the overwhelming majority of comments the site received were spam.  I got tired of being reactive and cleaning it up and since this site really doesn’t get much legitimate commenting (hey, I can accept that I’m not popular, heh), I decided the easiest solution was simply to turn comments off altogether.

Well, somehow I missed the news about the Akismet and TypePad AntiSpam services over the last couple of years.  They’re services that’ll essentially try and “verify” for you whether a comment is spam or not.  So, I found the Low NoSpam addon for EE (it’s actually a combination module and extension, I believe).  It seems to work pretty well so far, at least.

So, enjoy your commenting again.  If anyone’s out there, at least!


I will begin the new era in commenting by leaving you with this piece of video.

Best breakup video ever.

Chris there are people’s out here;-) thanks for the info on the EE add on btw.

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