Web Design: Flow and Float

A couple of good design/development articles came to my attention yesterday, both by Position is Everything.  The first article deals with positioning and flow of a document.  It starts out talking about the standby “table-based” layout approach and then discusses how the various options for the :CSS: “position” property work (i.e. static, relative, absoute, and fixed).  This is a really good explanation for people new to using CSS to position elements on a page.

The second article discusses float theory.  That is to say, it discusses how the CSS “float” property works and several quirks to be aware of.  Floating in CSS is one of the toughest things to really understand so this is definitely a useful article for both beginners and veterans alike.

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Phshaw!  Everything you post about CSS and whatnots is for beginners and novices.  Where’s the nitty gritty junk for us other types?  You know, the punks who have 1 minute left on their airplane internet terminal who think they are the web’s hottest coders around??  Hm???

45 seconds left.  Hi!

Fine, Biatch… you want hard-core :CSS:?  How about the recent CSS 2, Revision 1 draft?  Yeah, have fun with that one! :batman:

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