webgraphics is back!

webgraphics is finally back online after quite a little hiatus.  Not only are they up and running again, but they’re sporting a wonderful new design!

Go check out a wonderful resource for anyone interested in web development.

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Sorry, I’m not going to take any advice from a web design site that doesn’t even render right in my browser.  If it *is* rendering right, then they’re just poor thoughtless designers.

(pic coming soon)

Blatant misuse of bandwidth and inline linking:


And yes, his first post does address this issue, but claims that:

a) he fixed it
b) that it affected only Windows IE, of which I am obviously not running either.

Hey I’m interested in Webbed feet!

Ok, I let him know what was going on, and looked at his CSS.  Obviously, the right-alignment is intentional; however they just haven’t written an alternate stylesheet that will look good on higher resolution, or in my case, a widescreen display.

I think I would have used percentage width’s instead of static pixel measurements.

That explains it then.

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