Which File Extension Are You?

Find out what file extension you are by trying out this quiz on BBSpot. You know the drill: they ask you some multiple choice questions, some with quite entertaining choices I might add, and then they give you an image file that says what you are and what it means. According to it I’m apparently an .exe file.


Me? Flawlessly? Useful to all? Probably busloads of folk out there would beg to differ.

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I’m a .cgi.  What the heck? I object.

Your life seems a bit too scripted, and sometimes you are exploited.  Still a workhorse, though.

Bah, totally inaccurate.

Okay, this quiz is just total crap.  I mean, “duct tape” isn’t offered as a choice for favorite tool?  That right there just throws out any potential legitimacy for me…

It claims I’m a “.swf” file:

/images/uploads/swf.jpg /

Now, I typically don’t judge myself as such, but there’s really nothing accurate there.  Well, except for the advice to “grow up”.  I could probably use that sometimes…

grow up? why would you want to grow up?

Peter Pan had the right idea.

Uh…I guess I officially hate myself:


(Hi, from Des Moines!)

Bah! This quiz seem to have gotten everyone here more or less wrong.

I’m a *!

You are a wildcard.  You are everything to everyone.  You can’t make up your mind what you want to be.

Take THAT!

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