Who Approved of Hisham’s First Post?

Recently I was reminded of this true story in my life:

Once upon a time I needed orthodontic treatment. The dentist’s office was located in my small town’s mall. A dark, dank place festering with those little flying parasites called mosquitos. By the time it was my turn in the surgery room, I had usually donated loads and loads of blood.

One day, in the waiting room during an appointment I saw them. They were illuminated by the bright glow of the aquarium light. Two mosquitos which were flying together, physically touching, in the throes of passion. Two insects, sharing the simple yet understandable instinct to procreate, to produce progeny, to populate the planet with more mosquitos.

I thought to myself, looking at the two of them, “The heck you’re making more mosquitos!” and whacked them dead.

By the way, many thanks to Chris and Derek for allowing me to post my thoughts here.

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Oh, lordy… now there’s *another* one of them! :o

Good to see you made the cut. Though, the way I hear it, the list was pretty short and you bribed Chris with Duvel. wink

With garlic mayonnaise, even!

Nooooo!!!  You killed Skeeter and Mansquito!!!

So what was it that reminded you of the incident of the copulating mosquitoes? or dare we ask? smile

It’s nice to see someone else blogging here.  Does this mean it won’t be ALL geekie? :D

Don’t get me wrong, I like geek!

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