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This post is really mostly just a place for me to post links to info I find interesting (and want to keep track of) regarding the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion: The Burning Crusade.  You may find this useful or you may not care in the slightest.  Regardless, here are some links, and I’ll be updating the list over time.

Will old instances be revamped? - Short answer: no.  Longer answer: not right now, but possibly at some point later.

Is your Naxx gear already obsolete? - Pretty much.  It looks like 5-man boss blues (and even some random greens!) can be superior to what you spent months grinding for.

Combat rating system explained - The expansion will be altering many stats; for instance, gear with ‘+crit%’ will instead have ‘+crit rating’.  Here’s an explanation of how it’ll work.

New factions in Outland. - This is a short guide to some of the new factions and the items you can get from them at the various reputation levels.

Expansion FAQ - This thread in the WoW Europe forums is a fantastic source of gathered information about the expansion.  It’s presented as a standard FAQ/Q&A.

Reputation FAQ in BC - A forum thread detailing information about various new factions in BC.  Most include affiliation, basic rep quest info, etc.

11/29 - added faction guide link
12/05 - added FAQ link
12/31 - added reputation FAQ link

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Nice links!

I hear they are pushing BC back though. :/ Lamo. Still that gives me time to grind to 60 before it comes out.

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