Your mind reads like a children’s novel!

Blah!  Two depressio posts in a row from yours truly.  So, even though Chris showed this to me, I’ma post it, because I want to post something more lighthearted.

We all know that the Force gives you power to sense things in other people, right?  Well, Vader’s is sooooo attuned that he will best you in a game of “The Sith Sense” questions!

Which reminds me of the 20Q artificial intelligence engine for 20 questions.  If I recall, it’s been running since the early 90s or even the late 80s, and forming its own connections.  It’s basically never wrong.  The 20 Questions “orb” toy that began selling uses something like 200,000 of the most common objects in the 20Q neural net.  Nifty.  Is this to be Skynet?

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